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To be a leading maritime administration transforming Kenya into a globally competitive nation.


To ensure sustainable, safe, secure, clean and efficient water transport for the benefit of stakeholders through effective regulation, coordination and oversight of maritime affairs.

Core Values

The Authority’s core values include:

  • 1.Customer Satisfaction
  • 2.Teamwork
  • 3.Creativity and Innovativeness
  • 4.Transparency, Integrity, Accountability and Professionalism
  • 5.Commitment to sustainable environmental development
  • 6.Adherence to the Bill of rights on gender equity, patriotism and Human rights

Key Functions of the KMA include to:

  • 1.Co-ordinate the implementation of policies relating to maritime affairs;
  • 2.Advise Government on the implementation of international conventions and treaties;
  • 3.Undertake and co-ordinate research, investigations and surveys in the maritime field;
  • 4.Discharge flag and Port State responsibilities in an efficient and effective manner;.
  • 5.Develop, co-ordinate and manage a national oil spill contingency plan for both coastal and inland waters;
  • 6.Maintain and administer a ships register;
  • 7.Coordinate Search and Rescue efforts in partnership with other stakeholders;
  • 8.Enforce safety of shipping and compliance with construction regulations for safety;
  • 9.Conduct regular inspections of ships to ensure maritime safety and prevention of maritime pollution;
  • 10.Oversee training, recruitment and welfare of seafarers;
  • 11.Conduct investigations into maritime casualties including wreck;
  • 12.Regulate inland waterways shipping


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Working Days & Hours

We work 5 days a week.

Monday - Friday:     7:45am - 5:00pm  |    Saturday,Sunday & holidays Closed

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